16th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2023

Universally renowned, the Aalmi Urdu Conference was established in 2007 with a visionary goal: to illuminate the richness of our languages, literature, and culture, ensuring their legacy endures for generations to come.
Over the past 15 remarkable years, we have not only rekindled this cultural flame on a national scale but have also cast its radiance across the global stage. This conference is a tapestry of diverse sessions, each dedicated to honouring our past, engaging with our present, and envisioning the future of Urdu.

Now, as we mark the 16th year of the Aalmi Urdu Conference, we celebrate a century of our languages, literature, and culture. Esteemed intellectuals from across the world will gather to share their wisdom through enlightening speeches and interactive discussions. This year, we expand our horizons to embrace not only the literature of our national language but also the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s regional dialects.

The 16th Aalmi Urdu Conference is thoughtfully crafted to offer our audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in the splendour of our languages and the treasures of their literature. Join us on this enlightening journey, where we celebrate our cultural heritage and explore its boundless possibilities.

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