The name tells a lot of stories itself, Veena Malik, who has been caught up in a lot of controversies lately updated one of her statuses, at a social networking site namely Facebook, which got me stunned. We all know what she has been doing all this time in showbiz but this status actually got me thinking that whatever she does who are we to judge? Her status says – “Last time I checked Allah told two angels to record my actions, not you.. so fall back..”

Now, that sure is one heavy status for all the haters out there but it sure has a big message framed in such simple words. These days people have nothing constructive to talk about everyone is so busy criticizing that they forget the brighter side of our media. We are told what the media wants us to know, we don’t really know what’s going behind the curtains do we? We believe in what’s shown and what’s told without even making an effort to find out the real story. I’m not saying that Veena Malik has changed or something. All I want to say is that it’s never too late for a person to change and if a person is trying to change or trying to be positive then why do we always have to criticize that person instead of encouraging that person? I admit everyone has flaws but instead of such harsh criticism why not make it a constructive criticism, it’s very easy to criticize but very difficult to pen down a solution. It’s about time that we improve the quality of our criticism, what do you guys think about it?