You recently heard actor Priyanka Chopra (right) croon her first single, In My City. Next up is Pakistani actor Veena Malik (far right), who has turned singer and will soon release her debut single, Drama Queen.

Veena claims that she’s wanted to be a singer since childhood and that this is the start of her singing career. “I believe in letting my work talk for myself. We recorded the song in August last year and since then have been putting things together and shooting the video,” she says. “I will continue to do films and TV shows depending on the offers,” adds Veena, who agrees that the song’s title suits her to the T.

“People do call me a ‘drama queen’, and to some extent I am one. I feel every girl is a drama queen. The lyrics of the song represent every girl out there,” she says.

The song will release on and the album includes collaborations with British Asian music producer Bups Saggu. After this single, Veena will be working on four more tracks. The 28-year-old actor says she is now looking forward to her next film, the Malayalam remake of The Dirty Picture (2011).