PORT GRAND, A place for Food lovers. A food street and an entertainment complex. ‘Port Grand’ was inaugurated on Saturday May 28th 2011. The complex offer visitors a world of food entertainment where visitors can come and forget about all the crazy things going on in their life.
The 13-acre world-class facility designed and built by the world’s top architects and designers, latest technology and techniques to show an art facility. A place where people can view the sea while sitting on benches. The three spaced-apart metal barriers from the water could, however, be tempting for adventurous children, people can even see the ships that arrive from all over the world.

The land for the project was leased by the KPT for 30 years on a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) agreement. It started in 2005 as the project of one billion-rupee and it was expected that it would be completed by 2009. However, Grand Leisure Corporation claimed that it was delayed because of the completely revamp the Native Jetty bridge which was in bad shape. And then the expenses shoot up. The Native Jetty Bridge has been entirely rebuilt to ensure a world-class tourist destination and source of pride for Karachites and it will attract millions of people from all over the country and beyond Parking for over 800 cars with complimentary valet service, pristine public restrooms, plenty of pedestrian friendly walkways are additional attractions.

Well talking about the shops and stalls in Port Grand,You can find many big names here to shop from such as Khaddi, Accessorize, Scentsation and even an LG showroom.
Food and Coffee lovers will find themselves at a loss of words when they discover what Port Grand has on offer. It’s a stroke of genius lining up different restaurants and cafes and on the opposite end you have a majestic view of the water . Grab a cup of coffee from the Nescafe outlet. If you are in the mood for snacks, there are several carts lined up adjacent to a seating area, serving samosas, shawarmas and the like. Some of Karachi’s favorite restaurants like Mr. Cod, OPTP and Aylanto can be found here, alongside new names such as Babujee, Mahigeer and Baywatch Snacks. Many restaurants here offer outdoor seating, providing an unparalleled cozy and intimate dining experience. Some restaurants have their seating areas on a floor above, which provides an even better view of the surrounding area.

Article by: RJ ALINA