The thing that instantly clicks in your mind when u think about Karachi is THE SEA. The capital city of Sindh is surrounded by the enormous Arabian sea. Linking Pakistan to the whole world via water and thus making it a very important city in the world. Picnics are planned, family get together or even for enjoying a holiday, the beaches are the first option. Huts are available you can book them for the day or two, now restaurants have been opened with all kinds of food, from fast food to desi and continental. So u don’t have to make a picnic basket or one dish party, you can enjoy camel rides, horse rides, play games, build sand castles and enjoy the sand touching your feet and the water kissing your toes. When we talk about Beaches of Karachi. Several beaches come in our mind. The famous beaches of Karachi are Clifton Beach, Hawks bay, Sands Pit, French Beach, Paradise Point. These beaches are best for swimming or spending night in rented villas with friends and family which are available there.

Clifton Beach.
Clifton Beach was the most popular silver-sand beach during 20th century but now it is affected by an oil spill that occurred in 2003. Clifton Beach, on the Arabian Sea, is a beach in Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

The beach has attractions for families and tourists, including beach side horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants i.e:McDonald, KFC, Pizza hut ,The Village & many other small shops. The whole beach area of Clifton and Sea view is considered safe and peaceful even in times of political tensions. A gated residential area called Seaview Apartments lies close to a section of Clifton beach known as Sea view beach or simply “Seaview”. Further ahead lies Darakhshan Villas which comprises of residential townhouses and huts. Another attraction in this very area were the recently constructed Cineplex cinema houses for the entertainment starved people of Karachi, particularly for the people who reside in DHA and Clifton. The Defence Housing Authority is filling the beach area with sand to obtain more ground pushing the sea further back, which will change the shape and features of the beach.

French Beach.
French Beach of Karachi is located half way between Hawks Bay and Paradise Point, is a small fishing village known to the locals as Haji Abdullah Goth. Surrounded by a boundary wall, it offers 20 huts, constructed by the villagers, for rent. The village has neither running water nor electric power. Its rocky beach and clear waters are ideal for surfing during the monsoon season, snorkeling and scuba diving. Visitors have to bring their own equipment as well as food and drink supplies.

Sand-spitBeach.Sand-spit Beach is situated south west of Karachi. It is a very famous as a tourist spot. The sea is very calm and quiet from October to March and very rough during the monsoon here. Remarkable variety of marine life-algae, and crabs are found here. The shallow water here is ideal for swimming. It has an unusual rocky formation. Sand-spit beach is quite a popular hangout and relaxation spot in Karachi. Facilities at the Sandspit Beach includes horse and camel riding. In recent years the WWF-Pakistan has also become actively involved in turtle conservation activities by establishing a Wetland Centre at the Sandspit beach.

Hawk’s Bay.
Hawk’s Bay or Hawkesbay is situated a couple of kilometers away from Sandspit Beach in Karachi. It is a sandy beach with natural beauty. Visitors enjoy weekend picnics, swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding. Hawks Bay offers many type of Huts, Mostly Visitors go to Hawks Bay for Beach Picnic, as Many Local & Multinational companies have their own private huts & they also are available on rental. Hawks bay is one of the few beaches in the world, where green marine turtles comes to lay eggs. It hosts one of the rarest reptiles species.

Paradise Point.
Paradise Point, on the Arabian Sea, is a beach in Karachi. Paradise Point is a sandstone rock promontory with a natural arch. The beach has attractions for families and tourists, including beach-side horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants, and swimming in the Arabian Sea. Paradise point have the Karachi’s most famous Rock.

Article By: RJ ALINA