First of all, YAYYYYYYY for Pakistan! Thousands of Pakistanis sang their national anthem together at The Punjab Youth Festival 2012 which was held at National Hockey Stadium in Lahore on Saturday, 20th October, to set a world record.

Not to forget that the previous record was set by India when 15, 243 people sang the national anthem simultaneously earlier this year, Pakistan has managed to break the record with almost thrice of the number of what India had. Yes, it was officially reported that the total score was 44,200.

A two- member team of the Guinness World Records was present to monitor the event. Guinness World Records adjudicator Gareth Deaves said that he was impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the youth of Punjab and he was amazed to see a big gathering at the National Hockey Stadium.

“It is a very important day for the people of Pakistan, especially Punjab as a big audience has gathered here to create new records in many events including singing of national anthem and creation of Pakistan flag by the audience present in the arena,” he told the media.

Gareth said that the GWR team was very impressed to see the enthusiasm of the people of Pakistan and he was glad to see the interest of people attempting to create new records for GWR.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also attended the event and sang the national anthem along with the huge crowd. In his speech on the occasion, he said this was not a Punjab festival, but instead a Pakistan festival.

In the end I’d like to conclude that it’s quite pleasing to see our youth working for the country and for healthy causes. Setting up a record like this sure is a great deal for us and we are proud of our youth and hope that more of these kind of activities take place in Pakistan. Team EiK is very happy for setting up this record and we would like to congratulate all the Pakistanis out there whether they’re living abroad or in Pakistan 🙂 Pakistan Zindabad!