• Heels, toes and sole contain Kevlar – usually found in bulletproof vests

Finding a hole in your sock is a distressing moment for anyone – and an American entrepreneur claims to have found an answer.

Cameron Carter, a 23 years old from Chicago who attended the US Air Force Academy, decided to take the military technology usually found in bulletproof vests, and put them into socks.

The resulting product is called ‘Socrates’, and are guaranteed to never develop holes or worn out bottoms.

The Socrates project is training money via Kickstarter – and has already almost tripled its target of $10,000

Carter has turned to online site Kickstarter to fund the project, and has already almost tripled his original aim, raising $28,000 dollars.

‘Most people wear socks every day, all day, but continue to buy flimsy products, said Cameron on the firm’s web site.