LG Electronics has launched the world’s first mouse with an embedded scanner function. Unlike the other scanners that are complicated and non-portable, the LSM-100, is convenient, mobile and simple to use. The company states that the LSM-100 is easier to use than the traditional scanners and can be utilised at corporate offices and even for regular use. The user just needs to hold on to the Smart Scan button on the left side of the mouse and then swipe the mouse over the material that needs to be scanned.

The scanner mouse also gives an option of saving the image in a variety of file types–PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC. The user can even drag and drop the image into the desired application. It claims to also easily perform OCR (optical character recognition) editing of scanned files and send them as e-mails.The mouse’s compact size belies its big-sized capabilities; because it’s not limited by a frame, the LSM-100 can scan page sized up to A3, larger than most conventional portable scanners. Also the scanning ability itself has been upgraded to handle faster pass-over rates, meaning that scanning an A3 sheet can be done smoothly and quickly.

The LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner is a great first step. There are an endless amount ways to make use of the features. It won’t replace a mid-range vanilla scanner. But its great on the go and a fabulous way for businesses to scan biz cards at trade shows and the like.