• The base model rings up at around £200, with cost increases of about £80 to double the storage or add mobile connectivity
  • Apple is expected to announce the new iPad on October 23

The inventory list notes prices for 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB models with Wi-Fi, then a separate version of each model with integrated cellular radios for connection to mobile networks, making for a total of eight models.

If the information is correct, the base model is €249 (£200), with a cost increase of€100(£80) to double the storage and an additional€100on top of that to add cellular.

The most impressive model, the 64 GB with cellular, would be€649(about £520).

Apple’s new iPad mini is rumoured to be less that two weeks away. The company will unveil the gadget on October 23, the AllThingsD website has suggested.

An apparent silence from Apple had left many wondering if the company still planned to début a smaller iPad

Others had speculated that production delays may have forced it to postpone the device’s unveiling until later in the year.

But it appears that neither is the case.

As AllThingsD reported in August, Apple will hold a special event this month, at which it is expected to showcase the new, smaller iPad.

People familiar with Apple’s plans told the website that the company will unveil the so-called ‘iPad mini’ on October 23 at an invitation-only event.

The date happens to be just three days before Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is due to hit the shops.

It has been suggested the launch event will take place at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium, where it has débuted a number of products there in the past – OS X Lion, a next-generation MacBook Air and the iPhone 4S.

The unveiling of the iPhone 5 and the 2012 iPod line was held at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, leaving people to believe that this launch will be a smaller affair.

Sources say the iPad’s smaller sibling will feature a 7.85in liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector, according to AllThingsD.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was apparently set against a smaller iPad, but relented in the months before his death last year, according to emails discussed in the Apple vs Samsung patent dispute.

During testimony during the ongoing trial, submitted court documents suggest Steve Jobs was tempted to enter the seven-inch market.

He presented an email from Apple vice president Eddy Cue, who said: ‘Having used a Samsung Galaxy Tab [a seven-inch Android tablet], I tend to agree with many of the comments below…

‘I believe there will be a seven-inch market and we should do one.

‘I expressed this to Steve several times since Thanksgiving and he seemed very receptive the last time.’