Karachi Fashion industry is a well and rapidly growing industry. Fashion has became an important part of our daily life . Basically fashion is all around us. We actually walk and talk in fashion. In Pakistan a large numbers of designers are
working to provide all fashion loving Pakistanis the up to date and latest fashion clothes.

Numbers of fashion designers in Karachi and all over Pakistan and Abroad are providing their services on individual basis. Their Personal boutiques and outlets are also available in Karachi, and some of the designers are providing their services collectively.

And when we talk about wats IN?

We find out all the oldy goldy fashion has took a U – turn. The Fashion of 60’s short tight shirts along with patyala or choori daar pajama, and the fashion of 80’s and 90’s long and loose kameez and trousers. But when it comes to now we find Fashion is what u wear and put on well. Fashion is in people.

Karachi people are themselves fashionable. Karachi is the most fashionable city of Pakistan. All the traditional Fashion along with internatinal fashion. people,their dresses,hair style,footwear,accesories and their life style is fashion. All the big names of fashion Industry are working and launching their fashion magazines and fashion shows.
“Anything that makes or form anything in style and shape is Fashion.”

Article by: RJ ALINA