Karachi: 26 Blasts occured in the year of ‘2013’ which will be ended today, killed more than 150 people in Karachi and more than 600 people wounded.

According to certain reports from many sources, the first blast occured on 1st January at Congregation of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) at the place called ‘Azizabad’, in Karachi. The blast took 5 lives away, and wounded above 45. Blast ripped off at the time when MQM’s workers were returning back home, from Jinnah Ground.

On 3rd March, second major blast occured at the place called ‘Abbas Town’, in Karachi. The blast claimed more than 47 lives and wounded above 100. Another bomb blast also targeted Security Agencies. Around 10 Army and Rangers personnel were killed in some four seperate blasts.

The third major blast was conducted on Justice Maqbool Baqar on June 26, in which 9 security guards were killed and 15 were wounded. The incident took place at Burns Road, Karachi. In another blasts at Guru Mandir, chief security officer of Bilawal House, Bilal Shaikh was killed on July 10. Even during the election campaign in April – May, the conditions were crucial for political parties of Pakistan like Pakistan Peoples Party, ANP and MQM. Around 50 of their workers were killed in many different bomb blasts, and hundreds of them were wounded.

There were hundreds of low intensity blasts with Hand Grenades/crackers occured in Karachi. Terrorism was increased and became very strong through-out the year.

We pray to Almighty ALLAHthat the next year of 2014brings peace and happiness for the people of Karachi and the whole Pakistan. (Ameen)