Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt business across industries and technology platforms, reinventing the way we think and conduct business. With the rise of industry 4.0 mega trends in artificial intelligence, fintech, and smart communication, the future of work is challenged.

This program will provide you with foundation knowledge of the emerging key digital trends and their implications for the future of work and interpersonal relationships. Based on an action-oriented approach, it will explore key guiding principles of how trust and communication can be managed in the digital age based on neuroscience research. This robust program follows an interdisciplinary approach to combine both digital and interpersonal communication as a toolkit for personal and professional success.

Facilitator: Ayesha Tariq Sethi

This workshop is for you if:
– You are a professional who is committed to develop their skills of interpersonal communication in the digital era
– You are looking for a grounding in digital trends and their impact on the future of work and interpersonal communication
– You want proof of your knowledge in the form of a certificate of completion

Further details are included in the flyer enclosed in the discussion forum.For registration and queries, please contact: