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Turn into a SALES CHEETAH is a corporate event.
19th April 2012 | Pearl Continental Karachi

“The market is a jungle and that is why all businesses need cheetahs that can keep up to the pace. Yes, it is the front-end Sales Team that makes it all happen.

Sales Cheetah with Umair Jaliawala – A Promise to bring out cheetah from within your sales force!

Dum nahy, DAM!

What makes a Cheetah?
• Serve first! Sell second!
• Principles you can’t break
• Look at it from a customer’s point-of-view
• Recognize your level of sales
• Take personal responsibility

Hunting with your vision?

Prospecting & Preparing
• Thinking lateral, finding prospects
• Getting more out of existing customers
• Networking – success by association
• NLP: Thinking success before it comes
• Brand YOU!
• Designing the right questions

0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds!

Call & Presentation
• Getting appointments quickly
• Listening and rapport-building
• Going about referrals, how?
• Making cold calls hot
• Focusing partnership, not transaction!
• Knocking out competition?
• Involving the prospect
• Words to avoid

Clawing It!
From Objections to Opportunities
• Objections v/s stalls
• What do phrases like ‘We’ll get back to you’ mean?
• Why do prospects object?
• Getting to the ‘real’ objection
• Influencing stats when…

The Last Roar!
The Close
• Gauging prospects’ readiness to buy
• Diplomacy rules … avoid yes or no
• 20 ways to close

The Turner: UmairJaliawala

Jaliawala is a trainer by passion, an entrepreneur by profession and a social worker by persistence. 55,000 souls across Pakistan and around the globe have been, as Umair says, “turned on”. He has worked with corporate executives, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, trainers, teachers, students and a great number of people from a variety of professional classes.

He would pull away the earth of your beliefs from under your feet, make you doubt, think, analyze and then help you recreate the basics of your ideology as you like it and as it would suit you best. He is known as a magician and a wizard for the masses. Umair is a surprise every time but what remains constant in his variable approach to impact is the convergence of different disciplines like business management, entrepreneurship, religion, psychology, social sciences and common sense above all.

Umair is the Chief Turning Office of Torque (School of Leadership’s corporate function).

Automobile: Crown LifanMotocycles, Indus Motor Company (Toyota), Pak-Suzuki & Plum Qingqi
FMCG: DanPakIndustires, Engro Foods, Kraft Foods, Pan Industries, Unilever & Unilever Foodsolutions
Finance: BankIslami, Barclays PLC Pakistan, Habib Bank, New Jubilee Insurance, Pak-Qatar Takaful, Tameer Microfinance & United Bank
Professional Bodies: ACCA, CIMA & ICMAP

Turn-shop Investment:
-> Rs.11,000/- per participant
-> Rs. 8,800/- for 4 or more people from the same organization

For registrations, contact:
Syed Adeel Aalim
0322-2272-679| 0213-5296307-8