Tom Stoppard once said:

“I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.”

The Power of Expression, The Right to be Heard and the Will of delivering… This is what MEDIA is!!! If you believe that MEDIA is more than just ENTERTAINMENT and Media tactics inspire you! Then we’ve got the podium for you! HAWKS present Media Convention 2013 where you’ll get a chance to know the potency of Media, approach of Media, the war, the success stories and the struggle of what, how and where MEDIA strives by the Media Mentors!


* To serve the crowd with possibilities and factors of the field called ‘Media’

* To diminish the gap between the student body & the professionals of the Field.

* To make aware of the fact that Media can never be eliminated from any field.

* Media is part of an individual’s lifestyle, and so it cannot be ignored. The event is a chance to see it all up close by the people you look to.

* The event is a package of fun, knowledge, advice, professionalism & opportunities all together to strengthen You.


* Ghareeda Farooqui (Samaa TV)

* Fahim Siddiqui (GEO FIR)

* Agha Masood (Jang Press)

* Andeel Ali (Youth Parliament & Blitz Bureau)

* Rizwan Zaidi (Radio FM105)


* Sessions

* Discussions

* Questions/Answers

* CV Drop Point


* Certificates of Participation

* Refreshments

* Photo session

* Job Opportunity

* Networking

Registrations & Discounts:

Registration Charges:

Before 15th July: PKR 200/- per person

After 15th July: PKR 250/- per person

Group Packages (for individuals & professionals)

1. Group of 5 individuals: PKR 200/- per person (No date limitation)

2. Group of 10 individuals: PKR 200/- per person + 1 individual free (Till 20th July 2013)

Group Packages (for Institutions):

1. Group of 19 students: PKR 200/- per student + 1 student free (No date Limitation)

2. Group of 25 students: PKR 200/- per student + 3 students free (No date limitation)

3. Group of 40 students: PKR 200/- per student + 5 students free (No date limitation)

4. Group of 60 students: PKR 200/- per student + 10 students free (No date limitation)


Number: 03122455407


Organizer’s Page: