Come Learn Share Workshop on Web Designing and Developement

Come Learn Share, as being a student-based organization, is interested in discussing online solutions for career with your students. Students would be told methods on how to learn online. CLS will also introduce students with known freelance jobs. Students will be encouraged to earn online and could also make some decent amount without affecting student career, including how to invest in an online business without money. With the purpose of helping students, CLS will be teaching students basic website designing skills. Two entrepreneurs from China & Norway, will have a session with students.
The workshop will provide students with the certificates for participating.
Workshop Schedule:
Workshop will start on 14-Feb and will last 4-weeks. One class each week, on each Saturday. The classes would be timed 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students will be given assignments for each of the weeks to optimally consume the computer lab and also fully understand the concepts.

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