Inner Champ 2016 - Conference

Drop your fears, discover your dreams.
To win the battles of life, you first have to begin!
Don’t be late, defeat your fear over your faith.
Prepare yourself to take every chance
Bring yourself out of that negative trance.

It’s time to rewire your brains and refresh your souls. Rebrand yourself with positivity, confidence and passion. Direct your life with proper goals and tell yourself “yes you can do!”

Take a step ahead with us and see the endless opportunities this world holds for you. Let’s empower ourselves together in this one day conference which we proudly call as “the Inner champ”

Explore yourself and unleash the true you with thought provoking sessions, discussions and constructive activities. Be ready to uplift your minds and inspire others.

Why you should attend this conference?
– Because this conference will help to brim positive energies in you – Positive talks will let you discover your potential and elevate your courage.
– You will be able to explore your strengths and weaknesses.
– You will be able to conquer your talents and get rid of negative thoughts.

So if you are that person who is unaware of the opportunities life holds for you or ruled by negativity, You should definitely attend this one-workshop to acknowledge your worth.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. – Louise L. Hay

Let’s reach this beginning point together and welcome the change within us.

Conceive and achieve your life goals with the help of “the Inner champ” conference.

Together we will discuss “how to set the proper and smart goals?” Together we will focus on important things!

Age limit 17+

Register for “the inner champ”

Paricipation fee Rs. 750 (includes, tea, lunch and certificate)

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