Astera Software is here, in Karachi, with a FREE, one-day, skill-based training program – Astera Data Management Workshop. It aims to help data professionals understand how the core concepts of data management have been incorporated into Astera’s end-to-end data management platform to help expedite and automate business processes.

Sign up and get a chance to work with actual data in a practical business scenario and formulate a solution using our no-code tool. Become Astera-certified, get extended access to the Astera platform, and take your next step toward a successful career in the data industry!


• Data professionals, including but not limited to, ML Engineers, Data Engineers, BI Engineers, Business Analytics Specialists, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, ML Scientists, Data Visualization Developers, BI Developers, Database Developers, Database Architects, and BI Analysts.

*1+ years of experience preferred.


1. The attendees will learn skills related to data extraction, integration, warehousing, and automation, which are practiced industry-wide.
2. The attendees will get to work with our enterprise-ready data management tool and get extended access to a trial version of the software.
3. Participants will get to work on developing a solution for an end-to-end business use case, developing a deeper understanding of how data is managed by large-scale enterprises.
4. The attendees will get to meet and interact with data experts, allowing them to build a network in the data industry.
5. All of the participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop, which they can use to polish their resumes.
6. Professionals who attend this training will have an edge over other applicants when applying for jobs at Astera Software.


Registration is free-of-charge and open for a limited number of seats. Seats will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

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** Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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