Trailers of this anti-Islamic movie portraying Islam as the religion of war and terrorism were uploaded on YouTube and as soon as they gained popularity in the Islamic world, strong protests are being done all over the world.

The exact origins of the film are shrouded in mystery, although a man called Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a convicted fraudster living in California has been questioned over his involvement.

What you can do about it:

Here are some simple measures that you can adopt and play your role in this protest.

  • SMS and record your protest:

Kindly submit your protest (in English) to youtube and barack obama and ask them to ban the video from youtube as it is a violating content for Muslims by writing an SMS to 40404

For youtube Write in message:

@youtube (space) your message.

For Barack Obama Write in message:

@barackobama (space) your message.

You will receive a Message from twitter service reply with Y and then resend your message again.

it will cost only Rs.3

  • Help PTA to block other sites with such material:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has requested people to bring it to its notice if any anti-Islamic video is available for viewing through any ISP or mobile operator in Pakistan.

So if you find any articles or videos on any website then file a complaint right away by calling at . PTA has requested that all complaints be sent to so that PTA may take prompt action


  • For those foreigners who have access to YouTube:

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, producer & distributor of the anti-Islamic film. He has his own youtube channel ‘sam bacile’. Share your comments there. And also Click on the Report tab(right below on the page) select Report User and record your protest by selecting ‘hate speech against a protected group’…and videos+user removal additional notes. Submit!

Note: Don’t use abusive language there, being responsible of ethical and moral principles of Islam.

In the end I’d like to mention some words by Dr. Bilal Philips:

“The buttons are once again being pushed and Muslims’ feelings are hurt.

Consequently, some are angrily lashing out and harming innocent people in their ignorance. However, this is only further distorts the image of Islam which was the intention of those who made that evil film. Let us, instead, follow the prophetic way, and convey the message of Islam positively and with greater vigor, while patiently bearing the harm of our enemies.”

For not protesting does not mean we are silent about it but we should use our hands by writing good things about Islam because the Americans want us Muslims to take harsh actions against them so that they can say that Muslims are terrorists. Team EiK strongly condemns this shameful act, protests against it and will take all the possible steps to make this protest successful. Spread the word and play your role!