on Monday, Sep 17, In Pakistan 700 YouTube video links of the anti-Islam movie blocked which criticisedProphet Muhammad(SAWW).

The apex court previously had asked the state-ownedPakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block links to the movie which triggered anti-US campaigning across the world.

According to sources,YouTubeearlier had refused to accept PTA’s demand of removing These objectionable video links as Pakistan Muslim government does not have such contract with YouTube Authority.

After blocking Seven Hundreds YouTube links,Pak government, however, clarified its stand on the issue by explaning that it was not banning famous websitesYouTubeandFacebook, but only anti-Islamic materials have been blocked or removed.

for the moment, Google India also has blocked access to an anti-Islam Movie that has triggered bloodshed in many countries and led to the killing of the US ambassador inLibya.

on the other hand, on Internet Google search showed that the short clips of the Movie were still available. Responding to a query, the Representative said, “In connection with latest events we would like to restate that India has always strongly predestined all acts that criticize religious beliefs and hurt religious sentiments.”