• Sindh government has issued notification extending FC’s powers equal to that of police in Karachi.
  • Altaf Hussain advised residents of Sindh to buy at least one month’s Ration because of the current situation of law and order.

  • MQM to join the government again soon and will be announced by President Zardari’s next visit to Karachi: Said by Some Government functionaries.
  • Altaf gives government 48 hour ultimatum to government to restore peace
  • Rangers to conduct operations in most affected areas of Karachi.
  • MQM Walk out of National Assembly on protest of current law and order situation Interior minister meets Governor Ishrat ul Ibad to discuss current situation of Law and order.
  • SSGC to give 20 MMCFD more Gas to KESC to the meet requirement to cut down load shedding in city in Month of Ramazan.
  • Government to give millions of rupees as award who gives information about target killers.