It has considered as Karachi’s Main Foot street. All the karachites love to come here to have what they want to eat, because several of restaurants are located here.

Boat Basin Got its name from a lake which is a part of magrove forests. Then when the city got bigger its clear water changed into the dirtiest water of today . The restaurants were already there for the people who used to come there for boating. Today this street has dozens of street food restaurants. Its an open air food street. The favorite of favorites include Karachi Broast, Mr. Burger, Qasr-Al-Nakheel, Jans, Dera, Nihari Inn, Cafe Clifton, and Tandoori Hut. You can also find fast food restaurants here i.e: KFC, Pizza Hut, Mr Burger and Nandos.

This is the place where all late night partying people of karachi wind up, since food is avaibale here till the hours of 5-6 am. most of the dining is open air and this became karachi’s most popular hangout food street during winter when all the food lover love to have hot food in a killing cold weather .

Boat Basin Park which is now Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park, is also located in Boat Basin.

Local style nashta (breakfast) is also served here i.e: halwa poori anda paratha and chae from around 6 am to 9am.

A place where u can enjoy variety of food with your friend and family.

Article by: RJ ALINA