Police said that the Party was being held at a Bungalow on street 7, Khayaban-e-Rahat, DHA, where over 50 people were invited, but some youths hailing arrived there with more guests, whom entrance into the Bungalow was regretted that arose a dispute leading to blows and finally gun shooting from bothe sides. A rumpus was let loose spoiling the party.

As a result of the firing four persons died on the spot and ten persons including Akbar Bugti’s grandson Talay Bugti were wounded, who were shifted to the hospital for medical aid, where Talay Bugti succumbed to the injuries.

Others among the dead included Kamran Shafi, Doctor Iqbal, Mark Joseph and Kamran Gul, while wounded were Zeeshan, Ziauddin, Zahid Fazal, Faraz Amir, Irfan Adnan, Qamruddin, Shahbaz Habib, Bilal Arshad, and Essa Jalaluddin.

SP Clifton, Tariq Dharejo said that eleven persons have been taken into custody from the Bungalow, while the process of registration of the case was underway. Postmortem of the bodies were conducted in Jinnah Hospital.