sidra iqbal

As she has arrived back from Dubai after receiving the GR8 Women Award, she has putted herself in more meaningful efforts again that seems like she is unstoppable now.

She conducted an Effective Presentation and Communication Skills workshop for young techie entrepreneurs at Plan 9, Lahore. She addressed there how to present and pitch ideas for investors in the world of Technology. However, Plan 9 is the largest technology incubator in Pakistan which was launched in 2012 and being spearheaded by Dr. Umar Saif.

Plan 9 is selecting the smartest minds from the universities of Computer Science and Engineering in Pakistan. Plan 9 incubator teaches the young entrepreneurs not just to develop the right connections, but also advice them for product development.

Plan 9 provides step-by-step guidance to young IT enthusiasts and this year, Sidra Iqbal is the big part of it. Sidra designed an Communication Skills Training program at Plan 9 incubator. After receiving an International award for training the youth, she commented:

“Plan 9 is a worthy initiative presenting the young techies with a brilliant opportunity to be job creators instead of being job seekers. I feel privileged to contribute to building their confidence and banishing their fears. It is about empowering them to be go getters. There are more exciting things to follow from my partnership with Plan 9, working towards them.”

Now what do you expect next big achievement as the way she is going?

God bless her!