Apple has been battling it out in various courts with bitter rival SAMSUNG, and in many observers eyes this is because the company is anxiously looking over its shoulder as its rival goes from strength to strength. The last update saw the samsung galaxy S2 still sitting pretty on the top spot – the combo of a beautiful screen in a tightly packaged body, and combined with an ever-plunging price tag, saw it stay above all other smartphones.The Galaxy S2 would proved to be a popular handset, Back in May Samsung announced the flagship Galaxy S3 and the device has set the early pace in the smartphone sales wars. Samsung has recently revealed how successful the device has been so far. The Galaxy S3 has now hit the twenty million sales figure mark, which is pretty impressive. What is even more impressive is when you realise this has been achieved in only 100 days after the device was first launched. The Galaxy S3 has become the most successful handset in Samsungs history so far breaking previous records set by its predecessor the Galaxy S2.