Recently my friend the Security and SEO expert of this Blog “Rafay Baloch” got acknowledged by Microsoft for hacking into it’s services and disclosing the vulnerability details to Microsoft. Rafay baloch is one of the first Pakistani Security researcher and Ethical hacker to be acknowledged by Microsoft.

Rafay baloch wrote his first book “A beginners Guide To Ethical hacking” at the age of 16. His blog is one of the most well known security blogs around the world.

According to Rafay, More than 80% of the Pakistani Government websites are vulnerable to different high risk vulnerabilities. However, webmasters do not care. Events in Karachi as being a platform for youth, on behalf of Rafay would like to request the higher authorities to fix the vulnerabilities as soon as possible.

I would like to congratulate rafay on behalf of Team EiK and would like to wish him best of luck for his future.

For more details, regarding the vulnerability, kindly visit the link below: