Just because it’s Summertime doesn’t mean the living is easy — despite what the now-decades old song says. But for those of us who like to swim, or at least paddle around, the biggest problem is often boredom. Now I’m obviously not talking about being in a public pool with hundreds of others, but when doing serious laps or exercising or even trying to “chill out” when it’s just you and the water.

This is where the Pyle waterproof MP3 player comes in handy, carrying 4GB of internal memory alongside a pair of waterproof wrap-around earbuds that caters for musical enjoyment just about anytime and anywhere you want to. Pyle, the makers of a multitude of electronic components have announced a 4GB waterproof MP3 player. The MP3 player also includes waterproof headphones.Just how much storage space does 4GB of storage space translate to in terms of musical representation of the digital kind? We are talking about around 1,000 songs on average in MP3/WMA formats, and the USB 2.0 cable that you use to connect this to a computer is the same cable that will not only transfer data, it will also help juice up the device.

The Waterproof MP3 Player from Pyle features soft touch buttons for easy control over the power, volume, skip and play/pause functions. The included waterproof earphones are made of an ergonomic soft silicon material and wrap comfortably around the ear to keep them secure during vigorous activities like swimming, hiking, jogging and more.The MP3 Player, which is waterproof up to 3 meters, has a convenient clip that swivels 360 degrees for attaching to goggles, swimsuits, backpacks and more. Once fully charged, the device provides up to seven hours of play time.