Education is necessary for all of us!! And there are zillions of school working on every single child to make him perfect, some of the schools are providing same-sex schooling system where as some are providing co-education. Well when it comes to co-education, Parent has to think, There is always a choice of sending their child to a same-sex school or to a co-education school. Co- education is the most common type. There is a number of small n big schools providing co-education system, but it has its advantages n dis advantages also.

Here are some of Advantages & Disadvantages:

PRO: Co-education builds confidence in a child and makes him/her a complete person to live in a real world and to walk and deal with people. Studying in the same-sex education system makes a person lack in self confidence. Well when we talk about co-education school there is always a question going on in a parent’s mind that would it be good for his/her child to learn with opp sex students . Well yes it is; Because it enables student to interact with the opp-sex which makes them more confident. It’s important for a child to feel comfortable discussing and socializing with the same-sex as well as opp-sex . Combining boys and girls in classes has an effect on behavior. They do have different behavior and attitudes, being exposed to multiple attitudes and behaviors can prepare a student for survival in the world and advances open-mindedness. Studying in a same-sex school take girl/boy away from the world they suppose to prepare for, because co-education makes them understand each other which prepare a student for her/his practical life.

CONS: Well when there is advantage then it has its dis-advantages too. Studying with opp-sex make them interact with each other and that cause involvement that take both of them away from their studies. Teasing often involves two children of opp-sex that cause negative effects such as fear and low self-esteem. Which will effect a child’s education. Especially in subjects that are considered to be “male domains” i.e: engineering and math, teachers give preferential treatment to male students. Female students might receive less attention, and therefore will be less likely to perform as the males it may also force a girl student’s attention towards the arts. Even if her real interest lies in the sciences.

These are pros and cons of Co-education!! A child’s attitude towards everything which makes him/her connect to the world is built at home, neither co-education nor same-sex education plays any part in damaging or improving this attitude.

Article by: RJ ALINA