According to executives atGooglePakistan who discussed their market potential at a public event earlier this week, told Pakistan isGoogle’snext big market in Asia. Google has deepened its operations in Pakistan by getting involved in various projects in the country, mainly linking with the Punjab government. The Government of Punjab launched an “Innovation Punjab” crusade through its IT board with hold up from Google. This project is one paradigm where Google has joined with Punjab Information Technology Board.

Levenetold whyGoogleis interested in Pakistan.She said,“Twenty-two million internet users is a huge number. It’s more than Australia’s whole population. That’s why we are here.”

Levene added, google is also taking into consideration the market size. “Pakistan is a$400 to $500million market forGoogle.” Statistics shows that four of the top10most popular websites in Pakistan areGoogle’ssites.

Aside from the 22 million internet users that include two million broadband users, seven million Facebook users, one million Twitter users and 1.2 million LinkedIn users. Of the total mobile phones sold in Pakistan 6 percent are smart-phones.”

The most search topics by Pakistanis are related to finding solutions for social problems, political debates, entertainment,business establishments as well as social networking groups. In the meantime, Pakistanis used Google Maps and Google Earth and to track which areas were affected in2010floods.