Due to the present unrest in Karachi, the following measures will be taken by the Authorities on 31st of December, 2012:

1. Hotels/Clubs/Restaurants and all other public places will be shut down by 10:00 pm.Karachiii

2. Defence and Clifton will be sealed off, restricting access to the Clifton beach.

3. All the beaches (including French Beach) will closed and the authorities will stop people from heading there.

4. Anyone found carrying a weapon of any kind (including licensed) will be arrested as the section 144 exemption will not be valid during this time.

5. Mobile Networks will be switched off from 7 pm (on the 31st of December) to 7 am (on 1st of January) to stop remote triggering.

6. Vehicles with tracking devices will be switched off should they go out of the set boundaries and will not be switched on before 12 pm on 1st of January, 2013.

7. Petrol pumps will be shut down at 3 pm on the 31st of December and will open at 12 pm on 1st of January.

8. Convenience Stores and Super Markets will be shut down at 9 pm on 31st of December, 2012.
9. There will be a ban on riding motorcycles with multiple passengers.