The trend of stepping into Bollywood is on its peak these days, every other Pakistani Actor/Actress wishes to make it to Bollywood. Many Pakistani models, singers, actors and actresses have been getting offers from Bollywood be it Ali Zafar or Atif Aslam, Veena Malik or Meera, Humayun Saeed or Imran Abbas, Mona Lisa or Sadia Imam and the list goes on.

But here we have a different kind of lady, yes, the beautiful and talented Mahira Khan who really doesn’t want to end up in Bollywood because she is happy with what she has. When asked about stepping in Bollywood, Mahira said “I don’t want to be a Bollywood star for sure because the kind of stardom that we get from Pakistan, I am very happy with that. So becoming a Bollywood actress is not something I am aspiring to do.”

She aims to be limited to the television and has no plans to star in a movie. She explains, “Also in Pakistan, movies are not bigger as our industry is not that big. One movie coming out in five years is not tremendous. What we have is TV, which is at par. Stars [in Pakistan] are TV stars, so I am enjoying that and honing my skills as an actor.”

Now that’s a very good decision and we certainly need people like Mahira in our industry who work for people and quality and not for name and fame. We wish all the best to Mahira Khan.