Muslims from all over the world celebrate their auspicious occasion after the holy month of Ramandan in a very colorful and splendid way. The occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr brings family and friends both tighter, it is the time when they visit and greet each other as a tradition. With respect to the occasional celebration all the muslim countries around the globe give away special discounted offers on food, clothes and every possible thing.

But here in Pakistan we are celebrating this occasion since how many years, don’t know but with a great inflation. Inflation in business, economy or even labor whereas you can see no major changes in the excitement or charm of celebrating the occasion. Stills malls and markets are full of lively people buying their children some well-designed shalwar kameez with those dazzling kholapuri’s.!! Bangles and jewelry are the hot spot to target all the aunties busy getting their matchings and unique designs to look most amazing woman on earth on the Eid day.

Ladies are never ever done with their shopping list, you can always notice a good number of aunties and young lads getting them every possible accessory or clothes with most successful bargains. Left at the end are the little angels playing around on the stairs, sneaking through the sop’s window and touching the touch-me-not decorations of the outlet. The best witnessed day to lock the charm and joy on the faces of the Muslim-Ummah is the “Chand Raat” there faces shine and glooms the sparkle of the “namaz of Eid-Ul-Fitr” and thanksgiving of blessing a month full of Almighty Allah’s blessings.

On an average count for a simple dress it cost for Rs. 800- 900/- but you can notice ladies buying them the most expensive one. As in they are racing the most highest rate amongst others without learning the basic lesson of the holy month of Ramadan “Tolerance and compromise”. Forgetting one of the necessary reason behind fasting in the this month is to learn compromising in the way of Almighty and lives accordingly. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) let a simple life he did not fascinated the worldly colors and needs. Talking about the jewelry or the accessories woman wish to be branded are on their heights. It is nearly impossible for a middle class civilian to bought a proper jewelry set of Gold where silver is a bit cheap and little seems to be affordable by the civilians.

Although artificial jewlery is designed classically and looks original but yet expensive to buy by oridinary people. But you can witness huge crowd around the corner getting the bes one to suit them.

Atlast, when I stopped wondering about the situational crisis while shopping my Eid list I asked the woman next to me “If what are her views about the inflation and poor conditions of the country?” She replied in a very sophisticated manner that it is important to ful fill all the need and wants of your children in such a crisis of our beloved homeland. Yes.we do manage to buy things 400% expensive from the ones available till last.

Article by: RJ ALINA
Edited By: Dureshahwar Afroz