A very reserved, a moody yet a highly passionate girl ALINA ANSAR, who is only 20 years old a very youngest model slash actress uhhuh!!Enjoy playing basketball, love writing scripts and the most important part of her hobby is watching WWE, while interviewing her, she precisely mentioned that watching Fastlane wrestle, smackdown and RAW is her favorite thing in life! If you ask what she likes to do in her free time, then playing songs and doing ramp walking at home is her chosen thing to do. However, she enjoys her work. Well, that was all about her hobbies.

Now let’s talk about her thinking about acting as a career, Alina stated; it is a challenging career because it exist over new characters, new scripts, while performing, everything should look natural perhaps this girl love doing acting and the most important enjoying the characters, relishing the performances is her key point! (that’s nice)

Our wonderful star was a child star (unbelievable), in the age of 5 Alina step in the industry of acting, those dramas names are Mehmaan, Khuwaish, Jahan basen, Dildar, Yeh khani nahi, Katthputtli but she could not stay because it was affecting her studies but ALAS! The girl is back in race now (welcome Alina) and her preference is acting over modelling.

Well maintaining work and sleep schedule is such a hustle, sometimes her crew find her sleeping on the set while shooting, we all are human and with the great efforts, sleep is much needed.

Our young star managed to do acting and modelling at same time, she did few photoshoots for few brands and has a strong acting background, her father was a model and an actor as well, father used to be a brand ambassador at PSO, so he wished his daughter the same. After her appearance in industry Alina worked hard, gave plenty of auditions, as you know “OPPORTUNITY COME TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD AND NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!”

2 years ago, this young star got her first break in her DEBUT DRAMA “BE-GUNAH” which turned her tables and changed her life (impressive), this drama got good ratings as well. she has been awarded for her performance and new sensation from DR.ALI KAZMIandFAHADMUSTAFA. Now Alina believes sky is her limit, getting good projects is all her wish, which is coming true! (that’s the spirit)

During we questioning her, we asked about she ever joined any academy for modelling and acting? Her statement was NO! I never did, all I got it through my father, thou it was in my genetics (Alina haha you are funny) and at the second point she revealed that before signing for any drama or film, discussion with her father as she finds him a great advisor, reading script and understanding the character is necessary.
Alina’s strength is her mother and father. They always have her back, because they always allow her to do what she wishes to do nevertheless she is most thankful to her parents yet her weakness is her honesty (we need people like you.) she prefers speaking truth than satisfying with the lie.

When we asked, if she finds any role as a challenging role, she said “umm I think every role is challenging for me because I always want to do some good performances and characters” however she faced difficulties due to her aggressive behavior, which means Alina is quite strict and passionate in working so no one can make her feel uncomfortable and dis respect her! (lady bow)

In the modelling and acting career, every character has to be fit that is also applied to her, her routine carries aerobics, yoga, gymnastics, dance and especially balanced diet. As it been an era she is in industry, let’s see what her score in the form of drama is, we listed few names of dramas she has worked in after BE- GUNAH: Phir waja kia huwi, Emaan, Mushk and recently She have done theTele featured filmas leadTAQAT which is written by Alina Ansar zaidi(yahoo don’t forget to watch this.)

This young girl has her favorite well known star as her C0-STAR and that isMR.IMRAN ASHRAF, she described him as a very professional, talented and down to earth person. Let us reveal a little suspense about her tele featured film TAQAT based on a girl who became a murderer. (well, that was a point only, watch film and let us know how it was, wink.)

One of the questions, we asked about her inspiration, that was her father, who used to work on PTV along with him she did a few chunks of hosting those days, her father worked as an actor with KAZIM PASHA, those days were bright for her father where he became the well-known personality, Alina in past admired him and wanted to be like him so yeah! He is an inspiration of our 20-year-old young girl, our new sensational actress moreover her dad gives her an advice to listen to your heart and do it! Stay humble, honest and keep down to earth attitude with your fans, this is the way you can make a room for yourself in their hearts in the process of interview, Alina also advised to people who are in industry is to be; work hard and smart and be punctual if you want to be successful, every day is new day of chance to change.

Everyone face few winters in their life, all you can change and make it spring in industry is to stay away from negative people and pray for yourself and keep your mind state at peace. During her successful journey, she phrased few golden words for newbies who are fresh in industry is to focus on goals specially girls, touch the sky and fly high and maintain the limits, do the best as you can!

Working in any field is not easy one has to face blues like she did, so we as team of EVENTS IN KARACHI want to add beautiful wish “keep loving her, supporting her and remember her in your prayers, we wish you all the skies and stars,keep rocking.” (you go girl) THANKYOU Alina for your precious time you gave us, stay connected!

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