Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage, and weddings are an important part of this culture. Weddings in Pakistan are a celebration of love and union, steeped in tradition and culture. They are a grand affair, with many ceremonies and celebrations leading up to the big day.

The engagement ceremony, is the first event in the wedding celebrations. This is typically a small gathering of close family and friends, where the bride and groom exchange rings and

Next is the “dholki” ceremony, which is a musical celebration that takes place a few days before the wedding. This is a lively event where women gather to sing and dance to traditional songs, accompanied by the dhol, a traditional Pakistani drum. The bride and groom also participate in the singing and dancing.

After Dholki ceremony mostly celebrated at home comes ‘Mehndi’ or ‘Mayun’ Events, Mehndi events are most fancy events now a days, Dance floor is the main focus point of this event where Bride & Groom’s family & friends dance, sing and celebrate the night. Henna is applied to the bride’s hands and feet. The henna is applied to enhance the beauty of bride.

The “baraat” is the groom’s wedding procession, where the groom, his family, and friends arrive in a decorated car or horse-drawn carriage. The groom is greeted with great fanfare and the traditional “dhol” drumming. After the groom’s arrival, the couple’s families exchange gifts, and the groom and his family are served a meal in the bride’s home. Some people do Nikkah ceremony on this day.

The “nikah” ceremony is the main event of the wedding, and is a religious ceremony that takes place in the presence of a Muslim cleric. The couple exchanges vows and rings, and the marriage is officially registered.

The “Valima” is the final celebration of the wedding, and is a reception hosted by the groom’s family. This is a grand event, where the newlyweds are formally introduced to society and guests are served a lavish feast. The bride and groom are showered with gifts and blessings.

Weddings in Pakistan are a colorful and joyous celebration, with many traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations. The bride and groom are surrounded by family and friends, who shower them with love and good wishes for a happy and prosperous marriage.