Annie a.k.a. the mahiya girl, who is a British based Pakistani pop singer recently got nikaah-o-fied before Ramadan with a UAE based Businessman Malik Noureed Awan. The Rukhsati ritual took place yesterday in Lahore where the news of Annie being ill and hospitalized was heard, but she finally made it to the event, but a little late.

Lahore Government officials, unaware of this fact, raided on the wedding ceremony yesterday and tried to arrest the Dulha Malik Noureed Awan violating the rules which required wrapping up of the event before 10pm. The officials took the matter in hands and forcefully tried to close the event ceremony. According to Geo News, a fight was also seen between the relatives of Malik Noureed and district Govt. officials. An FIR was also filed against fifteen people including Annie’s father, Dr Khalid, father-in-law Mushtaq Awan, and a close relative Malik Shahbaz Awan under sections 353, 186, 148, and 148. All of them have been accused of obstructing the law and attacking the uniformed policemen.

Later talking to Geo News, Annie’s husband, said that they did not violate the deadline.

“We were about to leave the hall, when the police crashed in and started beating up the guests. Our jubilation was spoiled for our not submitting to their bribery demands worth Rs1.5 million”, said Malik Noureed.

On the other hand, SP Cantt, Maroof Wahla, rejected Malik Noureed’s accusations as baseless.