veena malik joins pti

A newly married actress Veena Malik (who is now known as Mrs. Asad Khan Khattak) has now announced to enter politics, joining Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

Her husband, Mr. Asad Khan Khattak has also sung a song for PTI ‘Aazma Lay’ during the election campaign.

In the press conference in London, Veena Malik said that PTI is developing so fast and she believes that it will make Pakistan a ‘corruption-free’ country. She also said that her husband is a old supporter of PTI.

Asad who haven’t received much appreciation for his song, is now in front of Pakistan Media after marrying the model Veena Malik. Asad got excited and said that he would now get chances to meet politicians.

Veena Malik is also looking to do masters in Islamic Studies, and she has asked her husband to help her out for it.