Apple’s new product IPHONE5 is the most eagerly awaited device of this year. The Device launch is expected in October.

Here we tell the 7 reasons why IPHONE5 will be the best selling smart phone:

Brand Name:
An Brand name is made when people love the brand. Apple have this strong point. People around the world trusts Apple and knows that the next device of Apple will be obviously successful and in-depth consumer surveys Apple’s revenues are bigger than Nokia, Samsung or Sony’s mobility business.

Apple Holds a strong hand in marketing, as it firstly announced that a new device for IPhone is sooner coming in the market, it created curiosity in whole world; what it will be, how it will be etc etc and this made the rumors to generate and this is the marketing tool to tell what is coming and not to reveal the real device specs. This is the reason IPhone5 is the most awaited Device of this year.

Operating System:
Lately, iOS 5.0 and its features were announced on June 6 at the WWDC 2011 keynote address. The new operating system comes with iCloud service and the Notification Center, as well as improvements to native apps such as Camera. Moreover, the new operating system has more than 200 new features.
Many users were upset with iOS notification feature but that will change as iOS 5 will arrive with cutting-edge notifications, messaging and cable-free connectivity. It is, however, noticeable that Apple has borrowed few features from Android most notably like Cloud Synchronization, Notification Center, Over-the-air updates, Photo sharing and Twitter.
Other features include iMessage, system wide twitter integration, quick camera access, photo editing tools, advanced reminder system.

Device Specifications:
According o the rumors Iphone5 have 1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 8Mega Pixel Camera with secondary camera option for video calls, lots of new software, better touch system and improved battery timing.

Apple has always updated the design of IPhone, Designers Michal Bonikowski and Antoine Brieux have updated the design very carefully and finely this time.
The iPad 2 which was launched this year with aluminum back-panel with white frame was thinner and lighter when compared to original iPad, and hence the probability of iPhone 5 sporting an aluminium back-panel along with thinness is a certain possibility.

Sales Strategy:
Rumors have made the people around the whole world to get this smart phone before anyone buys it, people are ready for advance booking and some even wants to give more money to get the device before its officially released, It is rumored that Apple will start its Advance booking a week before the launch and have gave order to the manufacturing company to build 15 million Iphone5 Units.

Apple’s App Store:
The online Apples App store is the major reason why teenagers or fun lovers buy IPhone5. App store have more then 5million applications in the store. Different type of Games, Fact finders, daily life applications, graphics, functionality softwares and alot of more fun apps are available in App store.