With distinct pleasure, The SZABIST Performing Arts Society (SZABPAS) would like to invite you to our signature event, ZABTHEATRE’23, which will take place at The Arts Council Karachi on 18th & 19th of March 2023.

ZABTHEATRE is a theatre competition, an initiative taken by SZABPAS to encourage the younger and the more-free spirited generation of Pakistan to be active in the Theatre scene of Karachi. It’s a podium where different teams from different schools all over the city and even Pakistan perform a theatrical play, the genre of which the team can choose itself.

Here at ZABTHEATRE, students are given the opportunity to fully explore their capabilities and their skills when it comes to the Performing Arts, something that will allow them or greatly help them in assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Through this competition, your students will get to experience the magic one feels while performing on stage in front of a live audience. Students can learn and enjoy the fun of script-writing, directing, and more importantly acting; they can also develop team spirit, improve and build on their confidence in expressing themselves.

To register your team, please visit:https://forms.gle/67wKRSzQCJbqt4oA9

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