Funverks’ Train The Trainer (TTT) – Art of Funcilitation (AOF) program, is designed for individuals who aspire to go beyond training sessions & create learning journey for participants by focusing on learning needs, design, funcilitation & evaluation. Training enables people to accomplish immediate success and lifelong satisfaction. Its goal is to improve, not to impede; to assist, not arrest. Sometimes training can help change things; sometimes it is used for imparting technical details, and at other times to simply get the one great message across. Often it is more about encouraging people than educating them so that they are able to achieve their objectives. Not because they have been given great secrets of implementation, but the faith in themselves to do it.
What makes our TTT different?
• Experience the flavor of five international trainers & funcilitators
• Ours is a holistic program where you start with understanding your individual style and transit to understand your audience
• Participants will be assessed throughout five days on 10 different dimensions + presentation and assignment
• We have been specializing and have developed expertise in bringing life to training programs by practicing funcilitation since 2008.
Learn with Funverks’ experts to outline basic principles, map various styles & equip yourself with tools to make your sessions engaging.

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