Shab Bakhair Maa

Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, presented by Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi will showcase the play Shab Bakhair Maa by Sameena Nazir.

Shab Bakhair Maa – Tragedy
Delving into the essence of existence, the play takes viewers on a journey where the fundamental quandary of choosing between existence and oblivion takes center stage. This evocative play takes you on a profound exploration, delving beyond the surface to unravel the intricate layers of life’s significance, its inherent beauty, and the shadows of its ugliness. Through the lens of ‘Shab Bakhair Maa,’ contemplate the age-old query that resonates within us all – the ultimate choice between ‘to be or not to be,’ ultimately revealing the multifaceted facets that shape our perceptions of existence.

Director: Sameena Nazir
Writer: Marsha Roman
Cast: Manal Siddiqui, Rachna Kirpalani

Date: 02 October
Time: Gates Open 7:30PM, Gates Close 7:45PM
Venue: Auditorium 1
Ticket Price: PKR 1000 (for ACPKHI members and students: PKR 500)
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