Do you have the audacity to launch yourself high in the sky and dive deep in the sea???

For the first time in Karachi, Pakistan Today brings a whole new
dimension of fun for people who are tired of spending weekends at boring
beaches, restaurants, weddings and watching movies, by providing a chance to live
your life at the fullest, passionately and courageously.
So be a part of PARACUBA, where you can carry out:
• Paramotoring
• Microlight
• Scuba diving

All these activities would be assisted by our specialized team for your
safety and to give you an experience that you will cherish for your
life. You can enjoy live BBQ at the Hawaiian themed huts, Dune buggy,
games for kids, DJ and hey! The floor will be yours too and much more
including…..for that you would have to join us!!!

For further details and queries please contact us on:
Akbar Baseer

Fayez Najeeb