In a social structure where the inviolability of life has lost meaning, where the corollary of death manufactures nothingness, where vindictiveness fashions a mere sentiment of apathy, where the immoral are made archetypes of triumph; we need a platform to voice our opinions, to confront the challenges we face, and to revolutionize our world today for a better tomorrow. Our Public Speaking Society provides us with the prospect of addressing global dilemmas, and tackling those concerns by bringing pragmatic solutions to the table, and to do so with audacity. PAFMUN ’13 is an ideal forum for bright minds to come together and discover the world of diplomacy. After the overwhelming success of the initial edition of PAFMUN, taking the MUN-ing circuit by storm; our Public Speaking Society aims to go even further in making PAFMUN ’13 an unforgettable experience, transforming the dynamics of the world of MUN’s.

Join us from 14th – 18th of feburaryPAFMUN
with exciting socials
Especially a rocking concert by Ali azmat

Registration fee is PKR 1800 + 2000 for social events (optional) per delegate
Faculty advisor PKR 1000
Delegation fee is PKR 2700

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