It is an honor for PAF-KIET to host first “National Flying Competition” which has been organized by Kiet Avionics Club. “National Flying Competition” is an aviation event in which student from schools, colleges and universities will participate.

Kiet Avionics Club took the first step to promote aviation education by organizing this event. Since this would be the first event in Karachi.

Competitions:National Flying Competition (NFC)
1) Electric Powered Air-crafts
2) Engine Powered Air-crafts
3) Eagle in the Sky
4) Fight the Gravity (Glider Competition)
5) Flapping Bird (Ornithopter Competition)
6) Hobbyist Flying War Competition
7) Spud Gun Shooting Competition
8) Water Rainbow

1) RC Aircraft
2) Aircraft Model
3) Airport Model Designing

Social events:
1) Air Show
3) Basant (Kite Flying Competition)
4) Test Your Flying Skills (HAWKS)

A Mega Concert has also been arrange on the Second Day(14th April) of NFC.

For Registration & Details, Contact:
Huzefa Zoaib (0313-2552452)

or Visit:

Entry Eligibility:
=>Visitors are required to buy an entry ticket to enter the venue.

Now you can enjoy both days of NFC at discounted rate of 300/-.
For more Details, contact:
Hassan Shafiq (0341-2334013)