moola chootak

The Josh Tours presenting you the most awaited trip.

MOOLA CHOTUK: More than 80 km away from Khuzdar there is a beautiful village called Moola, It is a Tehsil of District Khuzdar. It is famous due to historical place as well as its geographical location; it is the gate way between central Baluchistan and West Baluchistan, Sindh and Iran. People opt this way (Moola Pass) because it is the shortest distance between central Baluchistan and Sindh. Ruins of Thore khear, Hatachi, Hayrav, Kial Beig and Pasta Khan reveal the belonging of Moola to the 2,000-year-old civilization. Moola River is the biggest river of Jalawan, its origin exists in mountains of Dist Khuzdar. Fish is also found in this river that is why fishing is one of the best hobbies of people in this area. One can find many fields of Mangos on the way; these mangos are juicy and suitable for the manufacture of pickle. Besides mangoes there are many fields of orange, lemon, olive. Jahan is one of the most beautiful village of Sub Tehsil Moola. In this village many waterfalls are found, Chotok is one of the biggest waterfalls of Sub Tehsil Moola as well as Baluchistan. This waterfall exist between two hills, the peaks of the hills are interacted with each other that is why waterfall just looks like an umbrella. For this reason it attracts the tourist to itself. Its water is hot during winter season and cold during summer season, people feel pleasant and find themselves in the imaginative world.

HARDCORE in terms of traveling & trekking (those who are not good at trekking or traveling on pickups on third rated roads are discouraged for joining in. Please be aware, in terms of traveling or trekking, it is not a luxurious trip by any means. There will be a tent washroom and 4 person will sit in the back side of 4Γ—4 and 4 person will sit inside. We will switch seats time to time).

06th – 08th October, 2023

PKR 16,499/- Per Head

DAY 1: Friday
05:30 PM: Meet Up in Karachi
06:00 PM: Departure from Karachi
08:00 PM: Stopover at Winder
DAY 2: Saturday
01:00 AM: Arrival at Khuzdar
Rest time
07:00 AM: Breakfast at Khuzdar (Omlette, Paratha & Tea)
08:00 AM: Departure to Moola Chotok
01:00 AM: Arrival at Moola Chotok
02:00 PM: Lunch at Moola Chotok (Chicken Biryani & Cold Drinks)
03:30 PM: Visit of Water Stream
07:30 PM: Camp allotment
10:00 PM: Dinner (Chicken Karahi, Roti & Cold Drink)
11:00 PM: Bonfire with Tea and Music
12:00 PM: Sleep time
Night Stay in camps
DAY 3: Sunday
04:00 AM: Wakeup call & Departure for Khuzdar
09:00 AM: Breakfast at Khuzdar (Bread, Jam & Tea)
11:00 AM: Departure from Khuzdar
04:00 PM: Lunch at Winder (Chicken Karahi, Roti & Cold Drinks)
05:30 PM: Departure for Karachi
07:30 PM: Arrival at Karachi
Timings are subject to traffic conditions, group cooperation and weather conditions.

π—£π—”π—–π—žπ—”π—šπ—˜ π—œπ—‘π—–π—Ÿπ—¨π——π—˜π—¦:
βœ“ AC Transportation
βœ“ 4Γ—4 Jeep (Khuzdar – Moola Chootak)
βœ“ 5 times meals
βœ“ Mineral Water at campsite & at the time of meals
βœ“ CampingπŸ•οΈ
βœ“ BonfireπŸ”₯
βœ“ Life jackets
βœ“ Rest room charges
βœ“ Diver (who will help you out In deep water)
βœ“ Complimentary Photography
βœ“ Tour Guide Services

– Power bank
– Sun glasses and sun block
– Ufone Sim (Only Ufone signals available at some points)
– Big Rumaal(Handkerchief) to cover face
– P-Cap
-Water bottle
-Lighter or match stick
-Trekking boots
-Durable Joggers/Sneakers
-Tissue roll
-Sandals / slippers
– Personal Clothing
– Towels
– Swim Suit(s)
– Bed Sheet(s)
– Pillow(s)
– Mospel and lotion

– Luxury Airconditioned Hiace/Coaster/Coach (Karachi – Khuzdar – Karachi)
– (4Γ—4 SUVs) from Khuzdar to khuzdar

1- Personal trekking equipment.
2- Personal Clothing
3- Insurance liability medical aid, and helicopter rescue coverage.
4- Any kind of expense incurred, if anyone leaves trip at any stage due to any reason.
5- Anything thing other than mentioned above in β€œCost Include” area is not included in cost.

100% Advance

Refund/Cancellation Policy:
– 50% Refund if Cancellation 5 Days Before the Event
– 30% Refund if Cancellation 3 Days Before the Event
– 0% Refund if Cancellation Less than 2 Days Before Event

Terms and Conditions:
β€’ Every member must keep his/her CNIC.
β€’ Member should have to report 30 minutes before departure time.
β€’ Only 10 Kg Cargo bags are allowed & every member is responsible and have to carry his/her own luggage.
β€’ Member must have to behave ethically with his/her fellow group members
β€’ Otherwise company can cancel his/her membership at any time.
β€’ Company is not responsible for personal injuries and accidents.
β€’ Company is not responsible for loss of any kind of valuable item.
β€’ No returns will be made in case of cancellation of booking.
β€’ However, the Company may cancel booking at any time.
β€’ Company can change terms and conditions at any time.
β€’ Personal weapons are strictly not allowed.
I understand to abide by the rules & regulation & by-laws of the company, to be enforced from time to time.
I understand that the adventure/outdoor activities carry a potential risk of personal injury. I further undertake that neither I nor any of my heirs or legal representatives shall raise any compensation from the company.

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