Ken B Eniwan's Story

Pakistan Theatre Festival 2023, presented by Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi will showcase the play Ken B Eniwan’s Story by Ruwanthie de Chickera from Sri Lanka.

Ken B Eniwan’s Story – Comedy
In a world defined by faith and fear, Ken B Eniwan’s story unfolds. Choosing a singular approach to life—faith or fear—Ken embarks on a profound journey. As he navigates life’s milestones, his decisions resonate, illustrating the profound impact of his chosen path. “Embrace or Escape” delves into the intricate dance between faith and fear, provoking contemplation about the choices that shape our existence. Experience a captivating exploration of life’s dualities through Ken’s unyielding pursuit of his chosen way.

Writer: Ruwanthie de Chickera and Hidaayath Hazeer
Director: Ruwanthie de Chickera
Cast: Shala Amarasuriya, Bhanu Ekanayaka, Akmal Hameed, Hidaayath Hazeer, Natacha Karangwa, Lihan Mendis, David N Ndongozi, Lany Sangano, Nina Saleem, Duminda Sandaruwan.
Group: Stages Theatre Group

About Group:
For nearly 25 years, Stages Theatre Group has been a driving force in Sri Lankan theater. Co-founded by Artistic Director Ruwanthie de Chickera and her family and friends, the group’s commitment to producing original Sri Lankan plays remains unwavering. From experimental and unorthodox productions to fostering a viable career path in the arts for locals, Stages has redefined theater’s role in Sri Lanka. The ensemble approach is central, emphasizing the creative process. Bilingual and aspiring for multilingual endeavors, the group extends its reach. Beyond productions, Stages fosters arts subculture, artist training, school programs, and cross-cultural collaborations.

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Date: 21 & 22 September
Time: Gates open 7:30PM – Gates close 7:45PM
Venue: Auditorium 1, ACPKHI
Ticket Price: PKR 1000 (for ACPKHI members and students: PKR 500)
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