Since Karachi is the commercial capital of Pakistan and the most populous city of this country, and many export-oriented industries of this country as well as large domestic and foreign companies are located and operate in this city, in order to have an effective presence in the business of Pakistan, contact with this city It is essential as the beating heart of Pakistan’s economy. In the meantime, according to the plans of the Trade Development Organization of Iran to develop the trade of the two countries and reach the trade balance of at least 5 billion dollars in the near future, this exhibition can be considered as creating a suitable way and platform to achieve this goal, because except for the exhibition According to the analysis of Pakistani markets, Iranian raw materials and goods, pre-planned business meetings, examination of monetary and financial solutions, as well as transportation tools are among the other privileged features of the opportunity to attend this event.
In this exhibition more than 70 companies are participating from the following sectors.

• Petrochemical
• Chemical
• Construction Material
• Food ( Dairy Milk sweet and Chocolate)
• Iron
• Copper
• Tile & Ceramic
• Carpet
• Oil
• Polymer Product
• Gas Valves
• Galvanized Wire
• Barbed Wire
• Cement packaging
• LED lamp
• LED lamp
• Medical
• Software
• Cosmetics
• Household Products
• Insecticide
• Clothing

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