The IBA Leadersh0p Conference (IBLC) is an initiative by the IBA Leadership Club, which aims to create future leaders of tomorrow from the youth of today. To accomplish this goal what is required is a positive change in the values, perspectives and attitudes of the youth. Since its inception in 2008, the IBLC has always lived up to the expectations of everyone; the 2012 Conference aims to do the same.

IBLC is a forum that aims to inculcate certain attributes in its participants in the hope to help them in all walks of life. It is imperative that they realize the need of the hour and rise up superbly to the challenges life presents them with. An aspiration of this conference is that its participants leave more aware of themselves, the community and the wider world and understand their responsibilities towards each one of them. Through our program and unique blend of activities each day, we strive to strengthen the participants’ self confidence, inter personal skills, communication and most importantly bring out and enhance their leadership potential.

We, as team IBLC, believe that leadership is one of the strongest skills an individual can acquire and contrary to popular belief; leadership is indeed a skill, not an inherent trait. An individual is not born a leader. An individual evolves into one. This course of evolution lies at the heart of the conference this year. Evolution is an evergreen process. A person keeps on ‘evolving’, ‘growing’, and ‘progressing’ from beginning of their life till the very end. However, how you choose to evolve is pivotal to the outcome.

Parvaaz hai Donon ki iss aik Fiza main

Shaheen ka jahan aur hai, Kargis ka jahan aur

“Flight of both is in the same plain; the world of crow is different from that of a falcon”


Parvaaz-e-Irtiqa is an idea of giving wings to the evolution process. It’s about how we evolve in life and how we can control different phases of rise and fall, soaring and sinking during this process. IBLC 4.0 over the period of 4 days is going to take the participants through a journey of evolution where they will come to an awareness of themselves, explore their surroundings, learn and grow. It is rather like seeing individuals come out of their shells, struggle with the changes around them until they can spread their wings soar across the sky.

This idea of evolution is not exclusive to participants. IBLC itself is a testament to this fact. Over the years the conference has evolved into a valuable platform for the leaders of today to interact with those of tomorrow and together aspire for a better future. Hence IBLC aims to learn through its prior experiences and attempt to make IBLC 4.0 bigger and better than all those preceding it.

IBLC aims to enhance the leadership potential of its participants through a course of motivational and inspirational speaker sessions, activities and social events during the four days of the conference. Our goal is to help evolve young minds analyze situations, think and plan constructively and act in a manner that reflects good judgment and decision-making, the fundamental traits that constitute a good leader.


Ticket Details:

For IBA Students: PKR 3000
For Non-IBA Students: PKR 3500