*Event Title: EINDUS*
*Date & Day: *15-OCT-2011 Saturday

Event Details: 
E-INDUS 2011 the annual technical exhibition of IIEE. For the last 11 years E-Indus is providing the students a platform to present their industrial, control, automation base projects and an opportunity to come forward and show what skills and talents they have in Logic Quizes, Gaming Battles, Programming competition. Through E-Indus IIEE gives undergraduates from all  over Pakistan a chance to present their projects to the officials of Acadmia and Industry alike. The spirit of E INDUS is Innovative, Challanging and  promotes healthy competition among students. E Indus welcome all the  innovative ideas and projects under its panel. The innovative ideas can be  base on the alternative energy resources,  the shortage of electric power,  the water and Dam system in Pakistan and all the logical papers. Team E  INDUS will bring  together the government officials, students the development  community, scholars and all segments of private sector and  industry to  examine the importance of technical approach in Pakistan and assess the  opportunities and problems faced  by the students.  

Ticket Details: Free for Visitors . Registration Fee For Participants

Osama Rasheed