The most important business decision one makes is the selection and promotion of their people. Getting the right person with the right fit to the company culture is essential to ensuring long—term corporate sustainability. One of the keys to successful interviewing is asking the right questions. Questions that produces the right kind of answers for you to judge
participant’s fit.Competency Based Interview (CBI) is an interview technique to identify and assess the competencies of candidates for a particular job – whether you are seeking to hire, retain or reassign the candidate based on the premise that a person’s past behavior is the best predictor of their future performance, this powerful technique is widely used also for identifying
employees for further development. This customized workshop will be based on in-depth research of David McClelland. By consistently identifying measurable and replicable variables, organizations can increase their bottom line results by up to 120 per cent through developing or employing people who deliver superior performance.

The workshop will comprise of three modules:
Module 1: Why Competency
Module 2: Modelling & Interviewing
Module 3: CBI & Talent Management

• Hiring managers looking to conduct deep learning agility interviews in a structured, standardized format
• HR professionals who want a straightforward means to evaluate a candidate’s ability to learn from experience
• Succession planning teams interested in building future Leadership.

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