If you feel your work is original and you wish to showcase it at a craft show. Please take this opportunity to submit your application for Bohemian Crunch.

Bohemian Crunch (another epic craft fair)

Bohemian Crunch emphasises creative displays and innovative products. It is executed like our other craft shows except we will be grading and assessing every member’s progress.. presentation.. product.. display.. involvement and overall success. At the end of the show every participant will be awarded points.

Handmade crafts are welcomed. No acquired items to be resold. Those creating digitally manufactured products must paint, draw, illustrate and design their OWN original work!

The reason we host craft shows every few months is to push everyone to create and develop new designs and products to showcase as a collection. Bohemian Crunch is no different. We will engage external members for jury to help our fellow crafties evolve and grow! 3 brands will be offered honorary stalls at #INDIE16 😀

This should be an exciting platform for those who want to brush up prior to taking on our bigger shows or want that push to do more for their work

Venue is The Royal Rodale. 3rd April. Save the Date! Email theguildofcraft@gmail.com with Bohemian as the subject