BLISSFUL IFTAR – The Journey of Spiritual Attainment

Making every Ramazan special since last 6 years for the youth, every time presenting a unique design. The Ninth Edition of Blissful Iftar, is a distinct and unique workshop with Iftar and Dinner happening this Ramazan 2019.

This has been a project close to our hearts, initiated with a cause and a purpose to spread the message of love and divine beauty in the Holy month of Ramazan. It lead us towards creating greater teams, a wonderful audience and expanding our #TnCs Family.

Go deep down, the deepest down, let your heart be broken, let people be ignorant, let humility be in you and wait for the bliss, the magic to happen and you will let go.. and You will let go NOW as there is no ‘was’ and there wont be ‘will’ but it is Now when you believe in the Bliss and the Truth.

Blissful Iftar is a thought provoking and differentiated workshop initiated six years ago that talks about discovering the inner self and reflecting to God with unique training and celebrity sessions.

Exploring Inner self | Self Communication | Freedom of expression | Networking | Soul Grooming

Training sessions | Inspiration Story | Guest appearances | Networking | Certificates | Iftar | Dinner

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Investment: Rs. 2,000/-
Subsidized: Rs. 1,500/- (Valid throughout, thanks to our sponsors)
Group of Ten: Rs. 1,200/-